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22 déc. 2009

Five idiot proof ways to Mobile Search Engine Optimise (Mobile SEO) your mobi site

Five idiot proof ways to Mobile Search Engine Optimise (Mobile SEO) your mobi site

Here is my no brainer list of how to instantly optimize (Mobile SEO) a .mobi site for beginners.

1. This is very important. If you have created your mobile site using a free tool or website creation service and then bought your dotmobi name separately. Contact your website creation company for its IP address so you can map the domain instead of forwarding it.

2. Create a simple site without using any type of frames.

3. Sometimes it is best to create a couple of sites in different languages and to point to search engines and users to them via metaTXT than to insert code to re-direct your site to different destinations. Re-direction can make a mobile site slow and often makes it harder for search engines to find correct mobile destinations.

4. Submit your site to mobile search engines – such as Mobiseer or – MCN, Medio, Jumptap or your images to Abphone or video to Truveo.

5. Use your “Alt-Tags” in images for extra-keyword possibilities. But if you use images – be careful and make sure you follow the MMA guidelines on image specifics.

In short – avoid forwarding of any kind.
Submit to pure mobile search engines
Ensure that no frames are present on the mobile site
Add metaTXT ( or

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