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30 juil. 2010

Ad formats and Ad actions

Available Ad Formats

  • Chiclet - Clickable content that can be stylized to fit app by app developer
  • Icon - Icon which can be manipulated to fit app display. Clickable
  • Banner - Fixed size clickable content
  • Text - Clickable text
  • Overlays - Translucent popup that supports image, text, video, full button, or combination
  • Interstitial - Full screen ad shown between pages of an app
  • Branded Experiences - Custom built applications to your specifications. You're only limited by the capabilities of the device.
  • Splash Screen Placement - Full screen ad shown before app home screen
  • Home Screen Placement - Full screen ad on home screen that scales down to a banner, chiclet or logo.
  • Custom Brand Placement - We'll work with you to create a unique brand placement that caters to your needs and imagination.

Available Ad Actions

  • Click to Call
  • Click to Full Screen Video
  • Click to Overlay Video
  • Click to Video In Ad
  • Video As Ad
  • Video Text Overlay
  • Video Graphic Overlay
  • Video Button Overlay
  • Click to Embedded Web Page (Online)
  • Click to Embedded Web Page (Offline)
  • Click to Online Web Page
  • Click to Offline Microsite
  • Click to GeoLocate
  • Click to Email
  • Click to App Store
  • Click to iTunes Library Content
  • Click to iTunes Store (Audio & Video)
  • Click to Lead Capture (Online)
  • Click to Lead Capture (Offline)
  • Click to Share

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