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29 juil. 2010

Integration of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing lags behind social media in email integration: Just 31.4% of marketers say mobile-optimized experiences matter to their email audiences.

Another 24.5% say they are now testing to determine the importance of mobile marketing for their business, and 14.8% say an optimized mobile experience isn't relevant to them.

Marketers lack the necessary knowledge to develop mobile programs: 63.0% say they don't measure the use or prevalence of mobile devices among their email subscribers; another 11.5% say they're not sure whether they do.

Even fewer marketers (23%) have mobile-optimized websites or landing pages (i.e., mobile compliant sites that work consistently across all mobile operating systems).  Among those who do...

  • 68.0% provide limited versions of their websites for a mobile audience.
  • 32.0% offer their entire site in a mobile-optimized format.

Slightly more marketers (25%) say they are offering mobile-optimized versions of their email marketing messages.

About the data: Findings are from an online survey of more than 500 B2B and B2C marketers in April 2010, conducted by eROI

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