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6 août 2010

Google’s new ad format for mobile devices: location extensions with map features

Earlier this year we launched click-to-call location extensions for search adsappearing on mobile devices with full Internet browsers. Today we're excited to announce more ways location extensions can be used to connect with local users on the go, whether they're using their phones to browse the mobile web or engage with their favorite mobile apps.

Many mobile consumers use maps to locate a business and get directions on their phones. With AdWords location extensions, you can now feature your business location and phone number on an expandable map ad that can appear on mobile websites and apps across the Google Display Network. The ad appears as a banner text ad with a business icon that expands to show your business location on a Google map along with your ad creative, click-to-call phone number and option to get directions. Since ads can be served based on the user's location, a potential customer will see the phone number and map of the store location that's nearest to them. By providing mobile consumers more options to connect with your business, you can drive more traffic to your store, visits to your website and calls to your business.

(click to view full size image)


This new ad format is available on mobile devices with full Internet browsers and allows you to expand your advertising campaigns to reach highly engaged mobile users with relevant local information as they use their favorite apps or websites. Advertising with location extensions on mobile devices is also a great value because you're only charged when a user clicks to call your business or clicks to visit your website. You're not charged when users click to expand the map or get directions. The cost of a click to call your business is the same as the cost of a click to visit your website.

To get started using location extensions with the expandable map feature for mobile apps and websites, follow these three easy steps within your AdWords account:

1. Ensure your campaigns are opted into the Google Display Network.

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2. Set up location extensions and add your business phone number and address. Be sure to also upload your business logo or icon, or choose from the set of icons available. Your ad will display a default icon if none is chosen.

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3. Check that you've chosen to show your ads on iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers.

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That's it! You don't need any special programming skills to create the map, we'll automatically generate it for you based on your business location.
We hope that you'll take advantage of this new ad format and the power of location extensions to create mobile-specific, locally relevant ads to reach mobile users on the go!
Posted by Dai Pham, Google Mobile Ads Marketing Team

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