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6 août 2010

Mobile advertisers turning to interactive ads, says report

The latest monthly report from mobile ad network Millennial Media says advertisers spent 85% more on interactive "rich media" mobile ads in May than in April. The report doesn't offer much detail as to why the sudden extra kick in spending, nor does it reveal the dollar amount being spent. It's likely that rich media spending is not very high, hence the ability for it to nearly double in one month.

A Millennial spokesperson said, "Rich media creative encourages deep consumer engagement and drives successful campaigns for brands. Advertisers are seeing the value that rich media brings to their campaigns and are putting more dollars into it as a result." Which means that the people who are served interactive ads rather than static banners are clicking on them more.

Still, it's not yet clear that interactive mobile ads are a hit rather than a curiosity. The goal of many mobile ads is to make a brand feel familiar to smartphone owners, rather than to try to get them to make a purchase on the spot. What the mobile ad industry needs is some quantitative testing of the brand awareness boost generated by specific campaigns. Do interactive ads make a huge difference? It would be great to see some numbers to back that up.

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