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21 juin 2011

MobGold Announces Mobile Advertising Partnership with Mobeep

MobGold today announced their new mobile advertising partnership with Mobeep, a cross platform open app store. This partnership between MobGold and Mobeep enables MobGold to deliver targeted mobile ads to consumers who utilize Mobeep's app store services. Mobeep is an app store developed by Ozura World, the leading digital entertainment media company that offers a wide variety of free smartphone applications for users to download.

MobGold, one of the largest mobile advertising networks favors this partnership as a great opportunity to target the rising smartphone users. "This partnership is huge for MobGold. It serves the right purposes in many ways of where MobGold is striving to," said Alan Chang, CEO of MobGold.

MobGold also indicated that mobile users will still be served with high quality ads, despite the new partnership. "Advertisers will definitely see the benefits from this golden partnership. In fact, this would further enhance targeting as you will get most of the smartphone users via Mobeep in the future," added Alan Chang.

Mobeep's core company, Ozura World expressed their enthusiasm in conjunction of the partnership as well. Ken Leong, CEO of Ozura World expressed the pleasure of Mobeep in displaying mobile ads from MobGold's premium publishers. "We're glad this turned out well for both. We just launched Mobeep not too long ago and MobGold is a great platform to start off in the mobile advertising buzz. "

About MobGold

MobGold develops and operates MobGold Network, the mobile advertising network and mobile transaction solutions for advertisers, brand owners, publishers, network operators, web portals and mobile phone retailers to monetize their user traffic around the world. With expertise in architecture design of high traffic high speed transaction platform, web development and mobile content provisioning, MobGold is uniquely positioned to offer complete end-to-end solutions for both advertisers and publishers from advertisement format conversion, campaign management, statistic, to final delivery and billing. MobGold believes that mobile is the future of digital marketing and as the new media to outshine the conventional web media. For further information, please visit

About Mobeep

Mobeep is a Mobile Application Store that comes with a patented download accelerator, which supports resumable downloading and offers high-speed downloading rate. These features effectively help users to optimize data transmission and save money. With Mobeep, users can gain access to all types of apps and contents like games, instant messengers and ebooks by using smartphones or even low-end phones. Mobeep is a product of Ozura World, the leading digital entertainment media company with offices in California, Singapore and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit

About Ozura World

Ozura World is a leading digital entertainment media company, which develops and distributes products like mobile social games, digital contents, electronic payments, as well as digital entertainment platforms to carriers, aggregators, mobile phone manufacturers and service providers. The company creates social and standalone games for mobile phones based on J2ME, BREW, Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms. Ozura's games are available all over the world through its wide distribution network that is comprised of thousands of partners, spanning across 130 countries. For more information, please visit

Hong Kong 14 March 2011

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