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11 août 2010

Google Analytics for Mobile Websites

The Google Analytics for Mobile package contains server-side tracking code for mobile sites using PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, or Perl as their server-side language. This allows tracking on mobile websites that receive traffic from phones that do not support JavaScript.

To use the JavaScript-based client-side Analytics library, a developer just includes the Google Analytics script ga.js and calls _trackPageview. The included script then takes care of collecting the relevant tracking parameters and sending them to the Analytics service, which returns a GIF image that is then embedded in the page. The server-side tracking snippets included in this package work similarly and enable websites to track users, even when accessed from low-end mobile devices that don't support JavaScript.

The snippets work by manually building and sending a request to the Analytics service with a set of tracking parameters. As with the JavaScript-based library, the request returns a small GIF image which you must embed in your mobile site. You can construct this code in any server-side language that includes a HTTP library, but we have provided ready-made snippets for PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, and Perl, each described in detail below.

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