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4 févr. 2009


Wertago is the premier mobile application for nightlifers. Get up-to-the-second information about hot venues, share content and influence the social scene, coordinate plans with all your friends, and connect with socialites all across the city.
Find the hottest local venues, from pubs to clubs,

with real-time ratings, tags, and reviews. When you're finished with dinner, tired of the lounge, or need a new dance spot, Wertago lets you know what's hot and what's nearby.
See where friends are

All night long, you can check out where your friends or other users are partying, so you never have to miss out on a good time.
Browse profiles, personalize your own, and meet new people

Wertago is an entire social network of partiers. That means you can browse profiles and personalize your own, until you find someone that piques your interest.
Message, coordinate, and flirt all night long

Send messages (Wertamail) to other users, to coordinate a meetup, to see what the vibe is like, or to say hello to someone you'd like to meet.

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